What Customers Are Saying

"Thanks again, the shirts are awesome!!" -THERESA

"Jeff, everything arrived OK! In fact, better then OK – all is wonderful!" -PHIL

"Jeff, a huge thank you – Ascend employees looked marvelous in our Tie-Dye t-shirts! Thanks for doing such an awesome job and a double huge thanks for the 2XL at the last minute – Bruce was hard to miss at 6’4” and a 2XL tie-dye Ascend shirt!" - SYNDIE

"You are too awesome! If you leave it with security at 601 they can call either Marcella or I to pick it up. THANKS!" - MARCELLA

"The shirts are awesome. Thanks for another great year of your work" - DENISE

"Thank you so much for all you have done. We really appreciate the level of service that you provide. If there is anything that we can help you with on our end, please do not hesitate to reach out." - RANDALL

"The shirts and caps turned out so nice. you outdid yourself! Thank you so much!" - CATHY

"You are amazing!" - TRISTAN

"Thanks so much for everything, everyone loves the tshirts!" - GRESHAM

"We got the shirts and they look great, the check is in the mail." - JUSTIN

"They look great!!! Thank you so much - much better than I expected!! I'm sure they will love them. =) 
Take care, and thanks again for everything!" - TINA

" Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! You are always so quick about everything, and we truly appreciate your service. Have a great day!! Oh, and don't forget to email me the invoice so we can pay you. " - CRYSTAL

"Thanks for much doing the blanket for me. My granddaughter and daughter really loved it. You do such beautiful work. See you in June with the other (last) quilt." - Vickie

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